Lalaloopsy Cupcake Pick/Topper – Free Printable!


Made by, these Lalaloopsy themed cupcake pick/toppers are completely free!  Need a custom cupcake pick/topper with your child’s name? We offer that too! Only $5 to have your cupcake pick/toppers personalized. Click here to contact us.


  1. Download PDF file below of the cupcake pick/topper of your choice.
  2. Print the file. We suggest using the thickest paper possible you can use in your printer.
  3. Once printed, cut out the circles. Use fun shaped craft scissors to jazz up the ends if you’d like.
  4. Put glue around the edge of the backside of a circle.
  5. Lay a cake pop stick on the glued circle so about an inch of the cake pop stick is on the circle.
  6. Place another circle on top of the glued circle and cake pop stick and press firmly together. Use extra glue if needed.
  7. Once complete, stick the cake pop stick in the cupcake and you have a double-sided Lalaloopsy themed cupcake pick/topper… completely free! (except for the cost of the sticks!)

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